Sunday, March 8, 2009

Yes, I do own and sometimes wear pants

As many of you noticed in our snow day pictures I do sometimes wear long pants......

Church on Sunday - long pants
Weddings - long pants
Funerals - long pants
Special "date" nights with the CFO - long pants
When the high temp for the day is below 30 degrees - long pants
Working with power tools - long pants

All other times I will be wearing shorts. I have gotten a lot of funny looks and comments since doing this. I started my "shorts revolution" here in Alabama. The best I have heard is from the day out program the kids go to. Most Moms say that since we are on one income I can only afford half of my pants:) But come to think of it I have been doing this since High School.

The only real downside I have noticed is that the Triplets like hanging on to my legs at times. Not a problem until they put their hands up my legs:0 I may need to start rethinking my preferred choice of undergarments - boxers. Now I know how women in skirts/dresses feel when their kids do it to them - NOT COOL:)

BTW - have you all used SKYPE? This ROCKS! You get FREE video web calls to anyone in the SKYPE directory. My Dad turned me onto it and the kids LOVE talking to their G-Daddy on the Computer. Now if I can find a way to keep their drool and greasy/germy little fingers off the laptop:)

Happy Sunday, may the force be not against you:)


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Kaitlin said...

I love Skype! It allowed me to celebrate my brother's birthday while I was in Denton. See this video I made for one of my computer classes that tells the whole story.