Friday, February 20, 2009

The Triplets get invited to a Birthday Party!

I LOVE confusing people so I really enjoy telling everyone that the Triplets got invited to their first Birthday party. People look at me strange when I say this for two main reasons...

1. The Triplets are two and a half years old
2. If it was their party why wouldn't they be invited?

Then I explain that it is the first non-family Birthday party they have attended. We were SO excited. The kids and I went shopping. The party was for a boy in their class at school. He was turning three. I asked the teachers is he liked anything particular. They said "just normal boy stuff." I can handle that.

Last Thursday we headed to Target after school to pick out some gifts in our price range. Good thing the CFO and I had agreed on a price range, I wanted everything! It was also tough to restrain myself and only buy age appropriate stuff. We settled on some Hot Wheels and a chainsaw! I really did try to get stuff with no lights or noise but I could not resist the chainsaw!

The party was at a Fire Station. When we got there we realized that it was actually in the fire station's playground. It was chilly that day and the CFO was VERY cold but everyone had a great time. The kids had never had Capri Suns before. William drank three!

Addison was a bit shy around the Firemen (playing hard to get) but the boys had a good time and William's "Girlfriend" was flirting with the boys:)

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Kaitlin said...

I think I've said this before but William has such a great model look! The middle picture of him sitting on the fire truck is such GQ material...or maybe TQ for toddlers :D