Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The gloves come off......

This is a mid-day post as I am taking a new course heading in this journey of being a stay at home Dad of Triplets. Things seem to have changed dramatically over the last few days....

First we started getting some more willful disobedience. Then yesterday they seemed to really step it up. As my Mom would say "They found out where my goat it tied." Yesterday Jackson bit a Teacher at his school, William and Addison. Last night (early this morning) I could start to see the tipping point come in to focus. Both the boys got out of bed at 4:30 am or so and did it four more times before finally crying themselves back to sleep at 5am only to wake up for good at 6am. Then I find Jackson joyfully pumping out the baby soap/shampoo and putting it all over himself. No worries, it is bath day. Then Jackson tried to bite me when I gave him a hug. So his glow worms went to time out for half the day. OK, I threw them out the door:) These are his prized possessions.

Then the boys pulled out all the toys and refused to put them back. I told them that if they did not start cleaning up the room before I finished giving Addison her bath that all the toys were going away. I gave them several warnings.... They must think I am a liar:)

So now they have no dinosaurs, no TV, no books, no Little People, no cars, no trains, no animals, no balls, no puzzles, no play food, no flashlights, nothing, zip, nada. My idea now is to re-introduce toys as they become more compliant. If nothing else they have less to step on as they head to time out.

Sometimes it sucks being one of my kids:)



Anonymous said...

I would say this is a good day to be the working parent! :)

Love you ... thanks for taking care of our kiddos!


Miss Kelly said...

On days like this I feel a little better about losing my job to you! (but still miss them). Maybe we can have "toodler boot camp" when I visit next?

Miss Kelly

Liz said...

I have no problem disciplining problem is when their punishment becomes my punishment.

Three toddlers with no toys and no tv? How will you ever get anything done?