Thursday, October 30, 2008

Keeping an eye on the Triplets

Yes, we are some of those paranoid parents that like to keep and eye on their kids at almost all times. Chalk it up to being first time parents and having Triplets, among other things:) The kids and I usually go to the YMCA 1-2 days a week. The Triplets get to play with other kids and I get to stay in "stay at home spouse shape." I always said that if I had a stay at home wife I would not want her sitting on the couch eating bon-bons all day. I figure what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

The YMCA has closed circuit TV cameras in the child watch area. I frequently look at the monitor to check out what the kids are doing. The other day I was watching the monitor and saw this girl (around 10 years old or so) bouncing a ball off of Addison's head and not letting her go through a doorway. OK, I know kids can be mean... I watched for a minute and the girl then took Addison's hat and ran off with it. I took off to the childwatch area. I went in and said I am not here to pick up the kids but there is a girl hitting Addison in the head with a ball and she took her hat. They said they had just handled it. Of course the kids saw me and were not too pleased when I left the childwatch area without them. So I went back to the monitor only to see the same BRAT (the language was very different in my head) knock Addison's hat off again. Off to the showers I went to get ready to leave.

When I picked them up after showering the BRAT was at the counter "helping" check the kids out. I got down on her level and said "I saw you knock her hat off." She said "I might have bumped into her." To which I said "No, I saw everything on the cameras. You knocked her hat off and also hit her in the head with the ball. No one likes bullies." No more comments from the BRAT. She walked off looking back at me with a look I have seen before.... from employees when you bust them lying and you call them on the carpet.

What will I say if I see the BRAT again you ask? Not sure.... what I am VERY temped to say is "Remember both God and I will be watching but only God has Grace:)"

Two Dads and five kids under three years old? This would strike fear into the heart of most Mothers:)

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