Friday, March 26, 2010

Trying to get the right pictures

Isn't it every parent's quest..... no, not just potty training (don't even ask) but getting that perfect picture. First, you have to remember/be brave enough to bring the camera. Then you have to have it ready, then you have to... well... they are kids:) I do not bring the camera when I am on my own with the Triplets. I figure I have enough to worry about:) So when the CFO and I get out and about we usually have the camera with us. The CFO is the designated photographer. She takes her time to try and get the right shot. I am more like bombing run in WWII. If you shoot enough at a target you are bound to get a good hit sooner or later:)

When we went to the in-laws last weekend we spent part of the day at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens. This place ROCKS for kids, I wish it was closer.

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Josh Billings


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