Thursday, November 5, 2009

That's how I roll....

I LOVE it when an opportunity presents itself for me to use some of the mule-load I lug around in my SAHD backpack. If you have not read about my FAVORITE backpack yet, check out my previous entry. This thing ROCKS! Anyway, I am usually carrying enough for us to survive a small natural (or unnatural) disaster. Food, water, clothes, first aid supplies, you name it, I probably have one or two of them:)

So I jumped at the chance when I saw a child with a napkin wrapped around her finger the other weekend at a pumpkin patch. I asked the mother if she wanted a band-aid. She asked "you have one?" I said "yes mam." When she said yes I quickly asked if she also wanted any Bactine or Neosporine. I think I scared her:)

Did I mention I also carry a flashlight and a knife?

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.
English Proverb


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