Monday, September 27, 2010

Being green

I am no Al Gore but I try to be "green" when I can.  Unfortunately I do not have a private jet to fly around saving the planet but I try to reduce my carbon footprint when possible, where possible and when affordable.  BTW, do we REALLY think we are "saving" the planet?  Let's be honest, we are trying to save US, the humans.  As George Carlin would say "the earth can shake us off like a bad case of fleas."  The planet will eventually heal itself, it has time, we do not.

Back to trying to be green like Al Gore minus the jet and the beard.  Packing the Triplets' lunch for their day out program got me thinking... a rare thing these days... well, OK just rare:)  I use 6-9 plastic bags each day for their lunch that end up in a landfill.  I have read where people use organic cotton bags for food but then they would need to be washed which uses water and electricity at a minimum.  BTW where do we get off that using electricity is good like in electric cars?  Most electricity comes from coal plus in those cool eco cars you have batteries which will end up where?... in a landfill!  Back to my point.  Or I could use containers but they also need to be washed and they might have BPA in them.  Luckily the Triplets' got their smarts from the CFO so they have plenty to spare but I want to limit the loss of brain cells where possible.

Don't report me but we actually drink tap water...ooooooo!  I know, how radical.  Sometimes even unfiltered.  That's right, sometimes I even run with scissors and drink milk past the expiration date.  Don't try to stop me, I will only take you down with me.  We do use some bottled water but primarily to keep in the van for when we need it on the road.

Now to the affordable part.  I switched their sippy cups a while back to BPA free stainless steel insulated sippy cups, to the tune of $12 a pop!  So I spent $72 plus tax just for each of them to have two cups, one for water and one for milk.  Did I mention that I am already sending four of them back for warranty repairs?  It seems that been green is not always kid proof.

Time to go burn some fossil fuel!

There is a sufficiency in the world for man's need but not for man's greed.  
Mohandas K. Gandhi


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themommydaddy said...

Wow Al, you think about this Green Stuff way too much. I think triplet parents should get a pass, just because we already have too much other stuff to think and worry about.

I also think we should get Handicapped spaces, but that's just my personal belief. That would be great.